Thursday, 20 March 2014

Terrain supplies

With my mind set on trying to make more terrain I popped into the local hard ware store and picked up 2 metal rulers like the ones below. They are mostly to help with cutting the foam-core as the blade just cuts into the plastic rulers. They also had inches on one side and cm on the other so that is also really cool.
I picked them up for R20 ($1.8) and R18 ($1.66) respectively. 

Also in my search for the elusive "granny grating/plastic canvas" I came across this alternative online, its called "self adhesive mesh drywall tape" its quite a bit softer then the plastic canvas but it does have the grid shape so it definitely will come in use at some point. I've seen it used to add texture to plastic card, (gives a sort of metal platform look). I'm also keen to try use it as the entrance to a sewer drain I hope its thick enough. 
Self adhesive mesh drywall tape


  1. You should find "granny grating/plastic canvas" in craft shops around the embroidery/cross stitching/Needle craft section.

    1. I quick search on wal-mart looks like they have some.
      Usefull link with picks for size comparison
      Interesting link for more imaginative uses than just floor grating.

    2. Hey thanks for the reply.
      "TheMiniaturesPage" have some cool links and examples at the bottom.
      So far I've had a look at some of the smaller craft shops near me but no luck. South Africa doesn't have a Walmart tho they have bought out another company(Game) more of a general purpose mega store so I'll try have a look there.