Monday, 24 March 2014

Combat Patrol tournament

So this past weekend I attended the combat patrol tournament. I unfortunately kinda forgot to take photos *woops* but luckily Neal from lasercutcard and Darryn the master of the "Tie fighter game" managed to get some. My List did well with the losses being due to missed chances and some unlucky rolls.
I ended up coming 3rd which I am quite happy with.

The tournament was a small affair with only 4 tables needed (4'x4'). We played it with the 40k in 40min mindset so each game was only 45min including setup.

The list I took was
9 Dire Avengers with exarch (shimmer shield)
10 Guardians with scatter laser platform
2 Individual Warwalker with bright lance, Scatter laser

A table complete made up of laser cut card terrain (some test cuts)

And a table made up of Kyle(a guy from the club) terrain  
My first game was against Matthew with a foot slogging boy and Killer Kan Ork list the objective was Purge the Alien I ended up Tabling them while only losing 2 guardians. He even managed to steal the initiative. The lack of range on the Killerkans and Deffkopta allowed me to kill them before they could do any damage. The Dire Avengers weapans 18" range allowed them to take out the boys before they could get into range to charge. Game ended 6-0 in my favor.
Another game played on this table but this time against Tau. The objective was "The Emperors will"
And with the objectives being placed near the corners in the ruins, top left (mine) and bottom Right (opponents). The Game came down to who got first blood which I didn't realize until after I had lost it. I did get first turn, but didn't try go for first blood *stupid mistake*.  The game ended with 4-3 in my opponents favor

A city fight table with all terrain giving 4+ cover.
Some action shots of the game I played against Neals Imperial Guard. The Game was D3 + 2 objectives. We ended up with 3 objectives. I placed 1 in front of the light gray building on the right and my opponent placed 1 just in front of the building on the left and 1 in front of the ruin at the top of the screen. This game pretty much came down to a couple of run moves. His army consisted of 2 20 man blob squads with auto cannons and 2 5 man platoon command squads with grenade launchers.  The game ended up 7-3 with him making 2 5" runs to get onto the objectives in the last few min of the game.

My Guardians spent the game running in an out of cover using battle Focus to full 

A table made up of Darryns own terrain with the added Necron laser cut card terrain.
On this table I played my second game against Matthew which ended up 4-0 to me. Which was a bit closer then the game before. I got too caught up in shooting the Orks that I forgot about the objectives and had to make a run for it on the last turn.

My last game was against a Blood Angels player which only had 2 units a bike squad and a unit of Assault marines who were deep striking. The mission was "The Relic". I was quite lucky in this game first with his Assault Marines scattering off the board and going into ongoing reserves and second that his Bike squad failed its charge, Which left the bike squad sitting within attack range of the Guardian and Dire Avenger squad. That squad didn't last long due to the number of  Bladestorm shots. With his squad dead and no other units on the board the win went to the Eldar holding the relic and first blood 4-0.  

The whole tournament was Loads of fun with the top 4 player scores being very close. The last game being played was for 1st or 4th with who ever won getting first over all and who ever lost coming fourth to make it even closer the last move of the game a lone crisis suit needing a run move of 6" which he made followed by 9" jump to grab the relic (which everyone seemed to have forgotten about) but only managed to roll an 8.

The final results 

Winner: Karl with Orks
2nd Place: Kyle with Blood Angels
3rd Place: Bradley (leyzer) with Eldar
4th place: Mark with Farsight Enclave


  1. Love your Eldar composite photo!

    1. Thanks, That was taken and made by neal from . So I can't take the credit for that one :) you've made me want to try my hand at it tho so will post some in the future.