Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Getting ready for Combat Patrol :Dire Avengers Pt4

 Finally almost at the end. I just went through to finish off some of the smaller detail, I'm going to for now just finish off the most noticeable little things on the model
I added the Ceramite white  plumes to their helmets and Red sashes.

I started the sashes and Exarch flag with a Ceramite white base and once that was dry I painted over it with Khorne red. I am wanting a bright red but the rest of the model to be darker, so I prefer to base the whole model black and any parts I need brighter, white.

I'll be trying some free hand on the flag if I can work up the nerve :)

Edit: Almost forgot... I must just say thanks to Malduran over at skulkers-surprise for the mention and all the content he does.

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