Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Awesome Terrain from the internet

From the "How to lose at 40k" blog
Some really cool terrain I have come across on my search of the internet. Some of it is custom some bought but it is all awesome.  I will post more of the terrain I find with links to where I found it, as I find it.

I've also made a Pinterest board with  some of the things I've found, so you can always watch that space.

Seeing what other people have made is a great way I've found to help get ideas and techniques for my own terrain.

Panic from Dakka dakka
This one above is part of Panic's tutorial on making "Urban Hills". I think it adds quite a cool feel to the table and makes it really look like it is a real city that is being fought over.
I found this cool MDF terrain made by Miniature scenery, what I really like about it is the about of detail there is on it with the windows and doors.

Dakka Dakka user Panic
And a mix of home made and GW terrain, Very cool Eldar terrain with a sort of feel Exodite feel.
Dakka Dakka user Panic
And then pretty much a mix of some of the above with the Urban hill and buildings cut away from the grass land. Looks like it would make for some very unique Games.

Photos of a Youtube video by "Eldar Corsair" in a battle report of his, The complete buildings the way they limit movement is one of the reason why its here. I really need to make some of these.

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