Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Preferred Enemies DWGC comp

The Local tournament I attended. The break down of my list and the opponents I faced.

My 1000pt Eldar list
We had a tournament at the local club a few months back. The list I took was the following:
Farseer (singing spear)
2x 10 guardians (Brightlance platform)
5 Rangers
5 Dark Reapers with Starshot
Wraith Lord (Brightlance)
2 Warwalkers (Scatter/Starcannon)
2 Vypers (Scatter/Shuriken)

My first game was against another Eldar player his list consisted of 2 Waveserpents with 10 man Dire avenger squads and led by Asurman so quite a small list.

I did 3 hull points on the One Waveserpent tanking it out as my brightlances missed all game long and my scatter lasers and starcannons were forced to kill them. With the help of the Dark Reapers of course.

I forgot to take photos after this game but I ended up winning the first game then losing the next two.
The Second game was against the "Death Korps of Krieg" purge the alien and just the fear of the unknown and a 50man blob squad scared me into making mistakes. 

The Third game was against my friends orks with the objective being "emperors will" It was the final game of the day and we had been off schedule since the beginning so we ran out of time on turn 3. 

To make me feel better the guys I lost to came first (orks) and second (DKK) 
And I got the best painted which was cool, I got it mainly as I was the only one left at prizing giving with a fully painted army :P but a prize is a prize.


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