Monday, 24 March 2014

Cannal terrain progress pipes/sewer entrance

Using a Pill container to make a sewer entrance.I cut the lid and bottom of the container off and smoothed off any edges. I then used the Self adhesive dry wall tape to add the bars. I put drops of super glue to secure the mesh down.   

Different sized Pill containers.

Showing scale

Adding some broken grid
I decided to add some bent and broken grid to show that someone or something has come out or gone into it before.

To show the scale  of the grids.

I prestiked the grids into place or at least where I am thinking they will go.

I'm pretty proud of how it looks even with out paint


  1. Looking really good. how solid is the mesh? or do you use superglue to stiffen it?

    1. Ya I put superglue on it. Its a bit wiggly if just left as is. I'm going to try use it as a flooring by it self and see how that goes.