Sunday, 16 March 2014

Getting ready for Combat Patrol :Dire Avengers Pt2

With a week to go until the Combat patrol Tournament I had to get some work done on my Dire Avengers this weekend. So with 6 Days to go this is what is what I've done.

So Saturday I finished off the edge high lighting (with Teclis Blue) then moved onto doing an even lighter edging with a mix of Ceramite white and Teclis blue. After trying to do that for a few hours my brain and hands where dying so I took a break. I would not recommend painting fine details for hours, its like being on an island, drives your crazy.
Using Pva and I put some slate then Gravel onto the bases to give them a little more detail. 

I used Tamiya Color Acrylic Black Paint(X-1) to paint the sand once it was dry.

Well that's where I got up to yesterday so I'll catch you up when I've got a bit further. 

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