Monday, 24 March 2014

Canal Terrain progress bridges

Completed the bridges for my Canal project. Using Plasticard, foam core, and "Self Adheisve dry wall tape" (SAWT). I really like the way they came out, I just need to add some extra details on the bridges and actual canal so almost done.

I started off with plasticard for the base with 2 small walk ways for infantry and 1 much wider walkway for large vehicles.

I applied the SAWT and cut 2 pieces of foamcore about 1" high by 5" long these would be used as the railings of the Walkway. I cut strips of plasticard (25mm x 5mm) and super glued them evenly spaced apart from each other onto the foamcore strips. Before gluing the foamcore onto the base plasticard, I applied a layer of PVA glue over the exposed foam to protect it from the super glue. Once that was dry I glued the railings to the bridge section.  
before cutting the strips. 
The cut strips 25mm x 5mm ready to get glued to the foamcore.

First bridge done.

I used the same process to do the bigger bridge the only difference is the size of the plasticard floor which required more strips of SAWT.
Starting the Bigger bridge.
After adding SAWT to the plasticard
The 3 bridges complete.

The bridges built and showing where they would go onto the canal.

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