Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wraith knight WIP6

Gosh sorry guys that its been awhile since I posted. I'm not dead here is my progress I've made with the Knight. Hope you enjoy.

Everything put together (above left). I painted the plasticard white as a first stage of the wraith bone look.

Then applied a watered down bleached bone to give it a bit more boney.

I did the same technique that I did on my waveserpents using the above colours in order from left to right. Starting with a base of Kantor then dabbing the model and over brushing the edges with Macrags blue and then lightly with Teclis blue. I Finished it off with a coat of Gulliman Glaze, Which at first went well but as I got to the end of the bottle started to become more and more Matt. As you can see from top half of the model has a nice sheen to it but as I did the legs it just became meh so I restarted the legs and am now in need of new gulliman glaze.

The final look excluding the legs and the base. I'm still needing to do final details but its at least table ready now. A thing I've noticed tho is that the paint chips/peals very easily or at least way more then I've had it happen in the past. I've bought some Tamiya Clearcoat to try and seal and stop the wear, And hopefully keep the shine(from the tests it does).

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