Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Eldar 1850pts list

Hey all I was wanting to get a 1850pts list painted by the end of the year that I thought would be enjoyable to play so this is my list so far. I've played one game with it and have some thoughts on how to optimize and change it a bit. For now tho i'll keep using it at least until I finish painting the units I want to sub in.

Warlock (40pts) -Singing spear

Farseer (140pts)
Shard of Anaris 

Farseer (120pts)
Singing spear , The Spirit Stone of Anath'lan

6x Fire Dragon (132pts)
Wave Serpent (155pts) - Ghostwalk Matrix, Holo-fields (Shuriken cannon, Twin-linked scatter lasers 

Dire Avengers (305pts)
10x Dire Avenger - Exarch - Power weapon and shimmershield
Wave Serpent (145pts) - Holo-fields, Shuriken cannon , Twin-linked scatter lasers

Guardian Defenders (220pts)
20x Guardian
Heavy Weapons Platform - Brightlance
Heavy Weapons Platform - Brightlance

Rangers (60pts)
5x Ranger 

Heavy Support 
Vaul's Wrath Support Battery (165pts)
3x ( D-cannon 2x Crew Guardian)

War Walker Squadron (210pts)
3x (War Walker -2x Scatter laser )

Wraithknight (300pts)
Scatter laser, Suncannon and Scattershield

Dire Avengers
Fire Dragons
The army was painted in stages as I needed the models for different tournaments (combat patrol, Killteam, 750pts). I find its the really helped me to get the models done.

War Walkers
D-cannon Support Platforms
D-cannon Support Platforms
There are still some details I could go back and finish on the tanks but I think they look good enough for normal games.

I had a couple shadow weaver guns left over from some second hand purchases so I did a little customizing to make my D-Cannons. I cut off the fins to get a different look and then painted them to look as if they are channeling the energy to the tip of the gun before firing.


  1. Looking good. I have a question though. How are you finding the 20 guardians? With out a defence line or a garanteed way to make them fearless how do you stop them dieing/running awa?

    1. I put the farseer with the Shard and the Warlock in the unit, so it gains shrouded and Fearless so it becomes a bit more sturdy and almost invincible when in ruins.

      But I'm thinking they don't really do much for their cost. I enjoy the unit but I'm thinking that they might not fulfill a role besides being a bunker for the farseer. I'm gonna keep giving them a try see how they work out.