Monday, 14 July 2014

40k Canal/waterway Part3

So after a very long break from this project, I decided I needed to at least get it painted so this past weekend I went out bought some Matt Black spray paint and did some painting. 

Since the polystyrene was covered in a layer of sand and PVA glue it was easy to spray paint the canal with out worrying about the spray eating the polystyrene. I sprayed it then realized I had forgotten to add the meshed pipes. I then decided it needed a bit more detail. the smaller blue pipes were made from cutting the bottom off a permanent marker lid. I then cut that circle in half to get the look of a drain pipe half submerged.

I had some thick straw that I cut small rings off of to get the look of pipes coming out of the wall of the canal. I attached all the details using hot glue.

I'm glad I could finally get it near completion.

Part 4 to come soon.

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