Thursday, 10 July 2014

40k Maelstrom

Last week I played my first game of the new maelstrom missions.
 Eldar vs Tau. 
We played the 3 tactical card mission what ever its called that is played with the hammer and anvil deployment.
The Table is a mix of Neal from laser cut card's creations with some GW buildings and some custom stuff.

The pics were taken after my deployment but before my opponents.

My deployment zone
The games result was pretty much down to luck with me getting the tactical cards to capture things I was already holding or having the ability through Scriers to discard and redraw the ones I couldn't get easily. While my opponent kept getting the really difficult or impossible ones e.g.cast a psychic power or capture my deployment zone.

This was my Wraith knights first taste of battle and I think he did well gaining me 3 vp and first blood and then tanking the entire enemies army before dying.

My knight hiding behind the building

Battle report to come in the next day or so

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