Monday, 11 August 2014

Painting Progress Aug

Hey all just popping it to show how some of my progress I have made to the list of WIP. This last week I've managed to finish the Hawks and that one Dire Avenger so I can field a unit of 10 without an Exarch.

1x Dire Avenger
5x Wraith guard (scythe)
4x Swooping hawks
6x Swooping Hawks
5x Dire Avenger
1x Dark Reaper Exarch with EML
1x Spiritseer (conversion)

I've got a tournament coming up in September (Preferred Enemieswith a few custom mission and it even has a side board. It is 1000pts made up of a 750pt core + (2x 250pt).

I'll keep you informed closer to the date on the missions and on my list.

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