Monday, 23 December 2013

40k Water way pt1

My Latest project
I'm wanting to build a canal/Waterway to add to my board which i'm trying to make in a city fight theme.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Friday, 6 December 2013

A Bad Decision

I some how got the idea to take my new Sig552 apart, I suppose I thought as it was new (to me) it needed a service.


 I managed to almost get it back together but there is always that one piece you don't know where it goes.
 So I ended up sending it to a friend who has been involved

Terrain "Single story building"

I thought I might keep a record of my terrain making escapades for those who are interested. I'm gonna try add WIP photos ( if i can remember to take them) and my thoughts ( if any) and the mistakes I make so you guys who are following won't make them as well.  

My terrain collection is pretty flat as in there isn't much height to it so I decided that we (the gaming group) would need a building or two and this here is my first attempt at a single floor kinda building. I decided to go with a less LOS blocking type of building to start cos I didn't want to incur the moaning of my gaming buddy's. :p
A space marine for scale

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My UnSeen Shop 750pts list

We had a small 750pts 40k Competition a few months back at the local gaming Shop (Unseenshoppe)

My list was using the previous edition Eldar codex so no blade storm or battle focus (boo). The games where played on 4x4 foot tables as space was limited in the shop. I had photos but I can't seem to find them

I ran the following list

Painted Army

Here's just a list of the models which are completed and which are still needing to be finished, if I am wanting to be completely WYSIWYG.

HQ (100pts)

2x warlocks
1x Warlocks - Singing spear

Elites (132pts) 
6x Fire Dragon

Troops (180pts) 
Guardian Defenders (174pts)
16x Guardians, Missile Launcher Plasma & starshot missiles
6x Rangers (72pts) 

Fast Attack
Vyper, Scatterlaser, Shuriken Cannon 70pts

Vyper, Scatterlaser, Shuriken Cannon 70pts

Heavy Support (pts) 
Dark Reapers (222pts) 

4x Dark Reapers - starshot Missiles
1x Exarch - Fast Shot, EML 

Wraithlord (145pts)
2 Flamers, Bright Lance , ghostglaive 


Falcon 160
scatter, shuriken, holofields
War walkers - starcannon, scatter laser
War walkers - starcannon, scatter laser
1x Dark Reaper
4x Guardian
3x Support Platforms - weaver
2x Wraith lords

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

25mm Ebay bases

I Finally received the 25 mm round bases I ordered off of Ebay took about 3 weeks, not bad.
I needed the bases for the old Eldar models I bought second hand which didn't come with bases.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

My Wip Wraith Army

My Custom Wraith scythes 
Took my hand drill (dremel sort of thing) and cut a slit in the end of their guns. I think it came out quite nice. I first cut a clean slice into the gun but then after looking at the new scythes I decided the slight groove would be better. The scale is a little off but I needed to change to bigger bases so decided to glue straight onto the 40mm bases which I had gotten off of Ebay which are slightly lower profile then the Games-workshop ones. 
New Wraith Scythes

25mm base on a 40mm base
  25mm base on a 40mm base give the model a little bit more height so its closer to the New models 
Scythes squad and a Lord

The normal Guards and Scythes
 I did the base cover in a gradient to hide the smaller base a little. It came out better then expected. I used sand from the road outside (the part of the road where the rain water runs, I found has very nice gravel) I also used some flock I had, to give some different textures. I'm going for City fight themed bases.

Wraith lord 

 I finally got around to building my second Wraithlord and based it on my 60mm Masonite base.

My first Wraithlord 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Starcraft Commentating

I commentated on some games of Starcraft Hots a week or so back and finally managed to get them onto Youtube. They are games between two members of the Starcraft Clan (White Rabbit Gaming) I am in, Muradin and SwiTch.

It was my first attempt at commentating but I think it got better in the later games.

I enjoyed doing them hope you enjoy watching them.

Game 1

Game 2-5

Monday, 9 September 2013

DWGC Game 01

Sunday 08092013

1xFarseer (100pts) Witchblade
1xWarlock (40pts) Singing Spear
6x Fire Dragons (167pts) Fire Dragon 
    Exarch Fast Shot, Fire Pike
Troops (429pts)
9x Dire Avengers (117pts)
20x Guardian Defenders (240pts) 2x Missile Launcher Plasma & starshot missiles
6x Rangers (72pts)
Fast Attack (287pts)
Vyper Squadron (135pts)
      Vyper (75pts) Holo-fields, Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon
      Vyper (60pts) Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon
8x Warp Spiders (152pts)
Heavy Support (482pts)
4xDark Reapers (182pts) 4x Dark Reapers starshot Missiles
      Exarch Missile Launcher, Fast Shot
1xFalcon (160pts) Holo-fields, Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon
1xWraithlord (140pts) 2 Flamers, Bright Lance

Blood angels*
5xTactical squad 
5xAssualt Squad, Sergeant, power fist, plasma pistol
5xAssualt Squad, Sergeant, power fist, plasma pistol
5xTerminators, 3x Storm Shield thunder hammer 2x lightning Claws
Land Raider 
Fast Attack
Heavy Support
Storm Raven

*I'm guessing here since i don't have the list or codex 

Thursday, 29 August 2013


My plans for this blog are pretty simple I was thinking I'd document things as I did them with regards to my different hobbies and post them here with pictures and such.


My Collection: Fantasy/40k
40k City terrain catch up of things I've made so far
40k battle Reports(pics)
Killteam Battle report(pics)
Step by step Terrain making

In the Begining!!!

Welcome to anyone who cares to listen, to my blog where I'll be posting my thoughts on things as well as my progress on projects I care to try my hand at.

These will most probably include Warhammer Terrain making (both fantasy and 40k), Battle reports (I'll try there will be at least photos) and my journey into Airsoft as well as other stuff added on the side.

So stay tuned