Monday, 12 October 2015

Painting progress October 2015

Hey all. (that's right I'm not dead)

I've been busy and in May went overseas for 3 months so didn't get a chance to post anything.
In the last year (gosh it has been a while) I finished up a couple of things and I am now working on

10x Howling Banshees
5x Striking Scorpions
1x Karandras
4x Swooping hawks
Gems on my Wraith Knight
Hemlock/Crimson hunter
4x Dark Reapers

5x Wraith guard (scythe)
5x Dire Avenger
1x Dark Reaper Exarch with EML
1x Spiritseer (conversion)
2x Falcons 
1x Waveserpent

I will hopefully be putting up some pics of my progress more often so here's hoping.