Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mordheim Warband

So I set about painting my Orc warband for the Clubs Mordheim campaign. I'm gonna try be as Wysiwyg as I can so the models will probably change as the campaign continues. I started out painting the Goblins as they were the least done. 
I wouldn't say that the rest were really well painted but they were table ready at least I'll go back to them as the campaign continues and if they live (haha).

I wanted to be able to tell the Goblins apart so I decided to add a little colour the stones. So far I've made one a red to be a sort of Giant ruby/Wyrdstone, one the standard Green Wyrdstone, another a plain rock. I have one left which I might make a bluey colour.

The red is based black then painted a dark red (Khorne Red) then dry brushed progressively a lighter reds (Blood red), then Blood red mixed with white. The Gray stone is based Black then painted Codex gray and dry brushed lighter grays ( spacewolves gray, and a mix of codex grey with white). The green is based then painted Dark Angels green and then dry brushed Warboss green.
As a final touch I tried painting the red stone with "blood for the blood god" and the green one with "nurgles rot" It added a Glaze/shiny sort of effect to the stones.

I have the skin to complete and then I'm still needing to try out the Gw "Agrellan Earth" for some of the bases.

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