Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mordheim Troll

Hey guys sorry I havn't posted in a while just kinda lost the energy and got distracted, but once again i'll try keep things coming for my trusty followers. I've been busy painting stuff so then next couple posts will be a catch up of the last couple of weeks.

I was wanting to put a troll in my Mordheim warband so wanted to get him painted but I didn't have a GW 40mm square base so I left him for a while but the need to paint him became too strong. I decided to make one from scratch using plasticard and ice cream sticks.

Showing the difference in size of bases 40mm troll vs 20mm Goblins. 
I did some customizing on the base adding some warpstone (wrydstone same diff) and gravel as well as cutting into the wood to look like impact craters.

The difference in height between all my models.

Even tho the model is a stone troll I decided to go with a greeny colour to fit closer with the dingy nature of mordheim I also wanted to make him have a couple warpstone scales. The base I wanted to look kind of like wooden floor planks so I painted them a dark brown( bestial I think).

I'm not finished yet still need to add more detail to the small green stones on his back to make it look more like warpstone and to add some highlighting and some final details. 

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