Friday, 6 December 2013

Terrain "Single story building"

I thought I might keep a record of my terrain making escapades for those who are interested. I'm gonna try add WIP photos ( if i can remember to take them) and my thoughts ( if any) and the mistakes I make so you guys who are following won't make them as well.  

My terrain collection is pretty flat as in there isn't much height to it so I decided that we (the gaming group) would need a building or two and this here is my first attempt at a single floor kinda building. I decided to go with a less LOS blocking type of building to start cos I didn't want to incur the moaning of my gaming buddy's. :p
A space marine for scale

I decided to use Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) for the walls as it is a bit stronger then Foam core. A bit harder to cut, I had to use a jig saw but a saw would work as well just might take longer. I glued it together with a hot glue gun and cut the windows out with my dremel (like device).
I added a back wall to give it a bit more LOS blocking
Floor board made from Plasti card
I was going to Glue plasticard on each of the outer facing walls to give it some Imperial detail but when I tried to glue the front wall on with super glue, it wasn't flat so there were gaps and it didn't look so good. I then tried to use Hot glue but I messed up and the glue cooled so it didn't stick very well so I scraped that idea. I just melted the glue that was now stuck on the front wall with the glue gun and glued sand over it. 
I let the glue gun actually get hot this time and glued the plasticard onto the second floor.

I went looking at the local tile store for scrap slate pieces and I bashed them with a hammer to split them into smaller bits, I then glued some of them onto the floor to look kinda like the floor had collapsed.
I mixed fine sand with PVA (wood) glue and brushed it over the MDF sections of walls and then added more small gravel for the floor section, going around the slate in order to keep the texture difference.

I scratched up the plasticard with my dremel like device
Covered it in a watered down PVA glue to protect it.
I then kinda forgot to take photos so no photos. I painted it black with normal acrylic paint that was watered down.  I started dry brushing it with progressively lighter shades of gray. which made me end up with this as the final product.

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