Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My UnSeen Shop 750pts list

We had a small 750pts 40k Competition a few months back at the local gaming Shop (Unseenshoppe)

My list was using the previous edition Eldar codex so no blade storm or battle focus (boo). The games where played on 4x4 foot tables as space was limited in the shop. I had photos but I can't seem to find them

I ran the following list

Eldar 5th
HQ (150pts)

Elites (80pts) 
5x Fire Dragons

Troops (220pts) 
10x Guardians Defenders, Missile Launcher Plasma & starshot missiles
5x Rangers  

Fast Attack (60pts)
Vyper - Scatterlaser, Shuriken Cannon

Heavy Support (240pts)
4x Dark Reapers
Wraithlord - 2 Flamers, Wraithsword

Game 1 - Necrons
My first game was against a Necrons player who hadn't played in a while.
 He had 2x Warrior squads, 1x death marks, Doomscyth and some Hq stuff (can't really remember)
The game started off well with the death marks dying to the Dark Reapers as his unit was in the open.
Then things started going down hill until I realized that that his warriors couldn't hurt the Wraithlord and so brought the pain on the warriors.

Game 2 - Blood Angels 
A Game on a cool Nurgle board. He had a rhino with some tactical squad and a feel no pain guy in it and a Assault Marine squad so quite a small deployment.
His plan was just to charge straight across the board at me and see what happened.
The details are a little fuzzy for me but from what I can remember the Eldar shooting proved to much from him.
I think there might have been to many assaults for my liking but the wraith lord did his bit of holding the line, so a good game and my second win.

 The terrain on this table was made by the owner of lasercutcard 

Game 3 - Dark Angels 
All I know is that Belial is tough and him deep striking in his drop pod on your doorstep is not what you want especially if you don't have blade storm to deal with it. The game didn't end in a tabling but it was pretty close so a win to the DA

So I ended with 2 wins and a loss which was enough to get me 4th place as far as I can remember anyway.

Was a good day and I'm looking forward to the next one

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