Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Painted Army

Here's just a list of the models which are completed and which are still needing to be finished, if I am wanting to be completely WYSIWYG.

HQ (100pts)

2x warlocks
1x Warlocks - Singing spear

Elites (132pts) 
6x Fire Dragon

Troops (180pts) 
Guardian Defenders (174pts)
16x Guardians, Missile Launcher Plasma & starshot missiles
6x Rangers (72pts) 

Fast Attack
Vyper, Scatterlaser, Shuriken Cannon 70pts

Vyper, Scatterlaser, Shuriken Cannon 70pts

Heavy Support (pts) 
Dark Reapers (222pts) 

4x Dark Reapers - starshot Missiles
1x Exarch - Fast Shot, EML 

Wraithlord (145pts)
2 Flamers, Bright Lance , ghostglaive 


Falcon 160
scatter, shuriken, holofields
War walkers - starcannon, scatter laser
War walkers - starcannon, scatter laser
1x Dark Reaper
4x Guardian
3x Support Platforms - weaver
2x Wraith lords

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