Tuesday, 6 May 2014

April Paint Challenge

Got some of my Painting challenge done I've decided to shorten the list a little to just be the most urgent for next month. I'm glad the serpents are table top ready but there are a few little extras I want to do to them, If I have time.

1x Wraith knight *will take a while*
4x 8x Guardians
2x Wave serpents
1x Farseer *removed for later*
1x Falcon
1x Dire Avenger
5x Wraith guard (scythe)
2x Wraith lords *removed for later*
5x Wraith guard (D Weapons) *removed for later*
5x Striking scorpions
1x Warwalker

Waveserpent and Warwalker Weapons all magnetized and painted.

Warwalker and his Magnetized weapon options.

My new list for May
1x Wraith knight
8x Guardians
1x Dire Avenger
5x Wraith guard (scythe)
5x Striking scorpions

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