Tuesday, 4 February 2014

40k Water way pt2

I've been a bit quiet lately as I was over seas but here is what I've done up till now. I'm keen to get this completely table top ready soon. 

Lining up the polystyrene before final gluing.

Polystyrene is a very flimsy material to use so I needed to protect it I have in the past used this technique for hills and walls so I decided to use it. You take PVA(wood glue) and mix it with water 50:50. I've heard of people putting paint in it as well so you can see where you have put the glue and what you have missed, so i added a little gray probably not as much as I should have but was still enough to notice where I had missed. After painting the solution on, I then poured the sand which I got from a family friend its from some desert in Namibia I think, so it's super fine and just adds a kind of cement texture which I wanted. I applied 3 layers of PVA followed by sand. It ends up forming a strong shell on the polystyrene which will protect it in games and for storage as well that it looks better and you can't see that its based on polystyrene.

PVA, water and grey paint in a flora tub

To get the sides I just lent the polystyrene against the bottle of PVA

Once that had dried I took my gravel mix (which is just the gravel that collects in the recesses when it rains. I've found that it works very well) and applied it onto PVA glue in patches to add some sort of rubble. I also mixed in small chips of slate into the piles to add to the look.
I took slate tile off-cuts from CTM (a tile company) and broke them up with a hammer. You don't get much better looking slate then real slate. 

You can see the slate in a pile at the bottom right.

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