Monday, 9 September 2013

DWGC Game 01

Sunday 08092013

1xFarseer (100pts) Witchblade
1xWarlock (40pts) Singing Spear
6x Fire Dragons (167pts) Fire Dragon 
    Exarch Fast Shot, Fire Pike
Troops (429pts)
9x Dire Avengers (117pts)
20x Guardian Defenders (240pts) 2x Missile Launcher Plasma & starshot missiles
6x Rangers (72pts)
Fast Attack (287pts)
Vyper Squadron (135pts)
      Vyper (75pts) Holo-fields, Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon
      Vyper (60pts) Shuriken Cannon, Shuriken Cannon
8x Warp Spiders (152pts)
Heavy Support (482pts)
4xDark Reapers (182pts) 4x Dark Reapers starshot Missiles
      Exarch Missile Launcher, Fast Shot
1xFalcon (160pts) Holo-fields, Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon
1xWraithlord (140pts) 2 Flamers, Bright Lance

Blood angels*
5xTactical squad 
5xAssualt Squad, Sergeant, power fist, plasma pistol
5xAssualt Squad, Sergeant, power fist, plasma pistol
5xTerminators, 3x Storm Shield thunder hammer 2x lightning Claws
Land Raider 
Fast Attack
Heavy Support
Storm Raven

*I'm guessing here since i don't have the list or codex 

Game against Blood angels the Deployment was Hammer and Anvil and the objective The Emperor's Will
I placed my objective at the base of the tall gray building on the right and my opponent at the far back left in the Gray ruins. I won the roll off for choosing sides and choosing who deploys first.
I deployed my guardians and Vypers on the right, and the rest of my army on the left. Then infiltrated my Rangers into the tall gray building.

I rolled for Psychic powers the first one on Runes of Fate rolled a 6 (mind war) so I swapped that for guide then rolled again and got a second 6 (yay for me) then rolled on Divination rolled perfect timing and swapped that out for Prescience. The warlock rolled and got empower but swapped for conceal. (WOW just realised thats 3 sixes in a row for Psychic powers.

He Deployed Mephiston behind his Land Raider(5 terminators 3x storm shield and 2 thunder claws) on the 24" line on the left side of the farmhouse and the Predator on the right.
The rest of his army was left in reserves (storm raven, 5 man tactical squad, 2x 5 man tactical squads)  
Turn 1
Night Fighting: No
The Farseer Prescienced the vypers and Guided the guardian squad..
The Warlock failed to cast conceal.( YAY Ld 8)
Moved up my falcon towards his land raider took some shots with the pulse laser but needed sixes so nothing happened then the Wraith lord took a shot with the Bright lance at the LR rolled a 1 for penetration so nothing happened. Moved my vypers past the building up the right. The Dark reapers and the guardian squad shot at the Predator and managed to get 2 hull points off  then the Vypers shot at the predator causing 1 penetration and a destroyed the Predator, First blood to me.

Blood Angels
Mephiston and Land Raider moved forward, then the Land Raider tried to melta the falcon using the machine spirit but failed to hit.
Very quick turn for BA
End of turn 1

Turn 2
The Farseer Prescienced the Guardian squad. and  failed to Guided the falcon.
The Warlock failed to cast conceal again.( Yay Ld 8)
Everything moved up, Fire Dragons exited the Falcon within melta Range of the Land Raider and it promptly exploded. The Vypers, Wraithlord, Falcon, Guardians and Dire Avengers opened fire on the Terminators that came out of the LR and killed them where they stood.
The Warp spiders jumped up the side of the build then ran to shoot at Mephiston just managing to cause 1 wound then assault moved towards the opponents objective.

Dark Angels
The Tactical squad and two Assault Marine squads arrived.
The Tactical squad walked up next to his objective. One assault squad deep Striked behind the vypers and made one explode and the other arrived next to the Dark Reapers and managed to wipe out the squad. (too many ones came up here for saves)
Mephiston moved up behind the Spiders then opened fire with the tactical squad and killed 3. The spiders Broke and ran back, Mephiston then tried to Charge them but fell short.
End turn 2

Turn 3
The Farseer Prescienced the Guardian squad. and Guided the falcon.
The Warlock finally managed to cast conceal.
The spiders rallied. With the new enemy close at hand the units all turned to face the new targets the Dire Avengers and Fire Dragons moved to avenge the deaths of the Dark Reapers and they quickly dispatched the so called angels. The Guardians and remaining Vyper moved to get a better angle on the second assault squad and once the dust and razer blades had cleared the angels were no more.
The Wraithlord moved to try slow Mephiston down, maybe slightly too hope full, but managed to take a wound off with his bright lance.

Dark Angels
The Storm Raven once again didn't come on and Mephiston moved up to the Wraithlord and charged, The combat was very quick as the "Great and Powerful" Wraithlord was cut to ribbons with out even lifting its arm.
End turn 3

Turn 4
The Farseer rolled a Perils(double 6's) with Prescience on the Guardian squad used ghost helm and expended a warp charge and Guided the falcon.
The Warlock failed to cast conceal again.( Yay Ld 8)
The Warp Spiders moved up towards the objective and the defending tactical marines while the guardians moved back to the protection of the ruins. The Vyper moved up to prepare to move into range of  the tactical marines for next turn. (the down side of the shuriken cannon)
The Dire avengers moved out into the open in a move of great sacrifice knowing that if they were to die to the Monster Mephiston (Alliteration :D   ) that would leave him out in the open and with only 1 wound left easy pickings for my Falcon and Fire Dragons.
The last few Spiders shot at the Tac marines not killing anything then jumped out of sight.

Dark Angels
The Storm Raven finally arrived (once the dice were taken out of the equation) Flying onto the board and opening fire into the Fire dragons that were in the open killing four and causing them to flee and the tactical marines moved and shot at the last four Spiders killing two. Mephiston moved out of the ruin landing next to the Dire Avengers, taking a shot with his plasma pistol and killing the back Avenger with a precision hit, before charging the squad and killing six before they could react the squad fled and was cut down.

Turn 5
Night fighting: NO
The Farseer Prescienced the Guardians and Guided the Falcon..
The Warlock failed to cast conceal.( YAY Ld 8)
The last two Dragons rallied and with only the Exarch being in range shot two snapshots at Mephiston missing both. The Warp Spider tried to play some cat and mouse with the tactical marines by moving into the ruin shooting then running onto the objective to contest. The Falcon moved towards the Spiders so the Raven could not get an angle on it then shot at the Mephiston killing him with the Pulse laser.
The rangers moved down to help hold the objective, since they had nothing to shoot at.
The Vyper moved towards the BA objective then took a chance shooting at the flyer needing 6's to hit and glance.

Blood Angels
The tactical marines killed the last two Spiders even with them going to ground next to a scatter field for a 2+ cover save.
The Storm Raven turned its attention on the Guardians out of cover and killed four, two of which where the EML Platforms :(

We roll and the game ends GG WP was a fun game.
Thanks to my opponent for being such a good sport.
And I look forward to the next game.

Game Ends

4-2  Win for Eldar

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